Use our free smartphone and tablet Lightwave App to connect to your Lightwave Link or Link Plus and instantly control up to 80 heating and monitoring devices and up to 256 lighting and power devices around your home.



From the App, you can create and engage with ‘moods’ or ‘scenes’. These allow you to set your favourite devices’ on/off and dim states. Then, at the touch of a button, you can recall your preferred set-ups to create the perfect ambience in any room.

All your lamps can activate at once to the correct dim level and status for watching a film or entertaining guests in the evening, for example. You can also hit ‘all off’ and turn everything off for the night once you’ve jumped into bed.




If you have Lightwave Dimmers or Plugin sockets installed, adding a simple wireless Lightwave PIR sensor can automatically turn on a landing or bedroom light at night if movement is detected.


Useful at night time. If the kids get up to use the bathroom, their path will be safely lit. Even better, the dimmer will automatically turn off again once they are safely back in bed, so the lights don’t stay on for the rest of the night!